Totally awesome Doom clan and game development team

It's Chill To Kill

Download Chill 3 from the idgames archives

On February 4th, 2011, Nautilus released his solo project Chill 3, a nine-level Doom 2 deathmatch set. The maps, specifically geared towards 1-on-1 play, feature architechture that is both practical and easy on the eyes. Joining Nautilus with two guest maps in Chill 3 are fellow Unidoom members Ralphis & RottKing.

"Chill 3 pulls you, your brain, and your gun into explosive action. Within seconds you're flying, dodging, sprinting, hoarding items, teleporting, thinking up the next move to bust, pumping rockets and balls of energy through hallways, hiding and laying low, taking stabs at where your enemy's creeping at, and trying your luck at long-distance shots with the boomstick, all while treating your eyes to some crisp architecture and the ears to the flow of the backing funk: the flow you gotta feel when winding through the levels (if you wanna win, of course)."

Sit Back, Relax - Chill 3 - Now!