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Totally awesome Doom clan and game development team

Double the Pleasure - Double the Guns

Download Double Impact from the idgames archives

On March 30th, 2011, Ralphis & RottKing released Double Impact, a nine-level Ultimate Doom episode. Looking to set itself apart from many modern releases, Double Impact was created using a new innovative style of mapping, dubbed tag-team construction. Every map was created by passing a map back and forth, with either Ralphis or RottKing adding a new area each time, until the map was completed.

"You're a mechanic working in a garage on [Planet]'s [Moon]. Then, all of a sudden some zombies appear and start shooting at you. Fortunately, you have a gun so you start killing them and you try and reach the rockets and escape the planet! Good Luck mechanic."

Chart a course for fun! - Double Impact - Now!