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Way back in October 2001, Ralphis had a plan. A plan to actually release something. He contacted deathz0r on AIM with a message along the lines of "You want to help me out on this? I'm making a DM wad." deathz0r agreed, and whipped out two levels in a period of 2 hours (map02 and map03). Over time, Liam pitched in a map and UDM1 was underway. The rest is history.

On January 1st, approx 12:17am EST time, udm1.zip was uploaded to the /idgames archive. It contained 18 levels, and two 'parody' levels (map31 and map32). It was a hit within the ZDaemon community and sparked a new wave of editing among deathmatchers everywhere (TLSDM for example). Special Thanks to the Skulltag Team and Nick Baker for textures!

Get the one that started it all - UDM1 - Now!