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ALMN, drunk and high, playing an improvised psychedelic jam on the drums for some kid with leukemia (2011).

Matthew Fontaine Steven Jackson Donald Hewitt Reginald Jackson King Brown Logie the 3rd (born August 12, 1992) is a constantly stoned person of great importance to the UniDoom clan (sometimes abbreviated UD for some reason). ALMN passed away on Saturday, June 9, 2018


Pimpin Since Day One

ALMN was born somewhere in a hospital apparently in Omaha, Nebraska. Shortly after birth, ALMN pissed on some nurse, and the nurse commented on the large size of his powersnake (true story). After causing a ruckus and impregnating all the female humans in Omaha, ALMN was shipped out to join the army in North Carolina at the ripe age of two. After serving in the North Carolina Children's Army as Director General, ALMN retired and moved to somewhere in Illinois. After that, shit happened, now ALMN's in Georgia, big fucking deal, nigga's moving to Cali sometime.

Gettin Into Da Doom Bidnizz

When ALMN got to Illinois, some stuff happened, and then he started playing DooM Shareware. Then his dad showed up with Doom II and he played that. And some other games i guess but fuck this is UniDOOM not UniOthergames. Nigga tore shit up

Gettin pimp wit da online dizzle

In 2002 or sometime around then, ALMN got internet that wasn't dial-up. The first game ALMN ever played online was coopbuildlm with some fucking beaners on ZDaemon. After playing DooM online for the first time, ALMN was hooked. So ALMN played and was really terrible then he said "fuck ZDaemon" and went to Skulltag and then got banned from skulltag then got banned from ZDaemon then got unbanned from both then got banned from SkullTag and unbanned again and banned again and again etc etc etc

Gettin in da UniDoom

ALMN played some HL2 mod that ralph was playing and nigga was tearin shit up so ralph was like "hey almn join UD."


ALMN is a white boy living in a small ass town in Georgia. He plays music with some dude that looks like him. He also raps sometimes. ALMN can be seen all over Richmond Hill, Georgia smoking pot.

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