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One day this kid registered on doomworld's forums. He was looking for a screensaver (which he never found) and since then, he has never left.

This interesting creature was known as bigbadgangsta. Yeah, he was pretty stupid alright, he was even the subject of a poll on who should be banned. Interestingly, he decided to clean up before he saw this poll but when he did he realized just how much pressure was on him. The stuff inbetween is a haze so fuck it. Somehow he became a moderator due to Linguica taking way too much ectasy one day (ok, so he was a good and productive member but this sounds better anyway). A while later when he complained about the Questions forum being full of shit and he saw his name removed from the mod list! He was dismayed, he seemed to have offended the sausage God. Then he looked at the Forum Leaders list where he saw he was a Super Moderator! He quickly took to the task, cleaning up garbage and banning those who really needed it (as well as such notables like Unicorn and his other 25 usernames, who is really Lüt anyway and Saviour Mike, now known as Job). Somewhere along the line he stepped afoul of the Frenchman, Julian and he was de-modded, except as the honorary Moderator of Post Hell.

He had ops in some channels like #zdoom and #zdaemon and lost them too because he sucked but that was a while ago. The DW forums FAQ was partially written by him in conjuction with additional authors, it has since been made all pretty via skills beyond his menial HTML abilities.

Now he just idles and occasionally shows up stoned. He has ops in #counter-strike and does some reviews on Counter-Strike Nation and still remains an active pain in the ass in the Doom community.

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