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"Bringing Communism to this side of the universe." --deathz0r



DOOMGUY666 is from Altus, Oklahoma and has been playing Doom online since February 2004.

Early Doom Career

DOOMGUY666 originally played Doom back in 1993 when the shareware version of Doom 1 was uploaded on his father's BBS. At the time Doomguy was only 7 and he was immediately addicted to the game. Although only using the keyboard, he became quite efficient at beating "Knee Deep in the Dead" and craved for more. Soon Doomguy got the full version of Doom 1 and he played it non-stop, beating each episode from easy to Ultra Violence (Nightmare didn't exist at that time). He managed to do all this using keyboard only. His attempts at using the mouse failed because he was not used to it and didn't know how to configure it properly. So Doomguy spent years using keyboard only. When Doom 2 came out he also thought of it as the greatest game of all time and played that over and over until he finally beat each difficulty, and this was when Nightmare finally came out. Doomguy has yet to get past even the 3rd level on Nightmare today (although the last time he tried was like 2 years ago).

Around probably the 1995-era DOOMGUY666 began playing Doom on multiplayer with a few of his father's friends via modem to modem. They mostly played co-op because that was all anyone of them knew, but they occasionally played DM. Doomguy's favorite DM maps at that time had been Map02 "The Underhalls" and Map03 "The Gantlet." Map03 is where he learned the ancient art of camping, because he always found himslef camping the plasma. This was when DOOMGUY666 was around the ages of 8 or 9. They also had an enjoyable time DMing with monsters activated on Map07 and Map30. Doomguy always found that an enjoyable deathmatch against other people. Anyway, he managed to remain interested in Doom growing up, even though all he did was play it on single player with the keyboard with the rare DM from time to time. Doomguy believes what kept him going is the fact that his friends that knew about the game and had also played at one time or another and still did play it, were extremely impressed that DOOMGUY666 could beat the game quite well on Ultra Violence while they themselves had trouble on lower difficulties and used cheats most of the time. Doomguy basically showed off on Doom, something he still does today.

So DOOMGUY666 spent the next 11 years doing this until he found the greatest thing to happen to Doom: zdaemon.

zDaemon Career

This is where DOOMGUY666's knowledge of Doom truly began to flourish. He found zDaemon back in February of 2004 after reading about it on He remembers after downloading it that when he had to make his name, he did the first one that came to mind: "Doomguy" That's because DOOMGUY666 had always grown up referring to the Doom Marine as the "Doomguy" and saw him referred to as that as well. Well, the name Doomguy was taken, so he decided to add a number that had something to do with Hell, since it was Doom. So he chose 666. Without knowing it, Doomguy666 capitalized the letters without realizing it and thus DOOMGUY666 was born. DOOMGUY666 started zDaemon keyboard only, because that was all he knew. Doomguy quickly realized that even though he wasn't doing TOO bad considering it was keyboard-only, he was getting raped... big time. He asked around and they told him it was a good idea to use the mouse. Doomguy had suspected this but now saw that it was verified. Although he had never liked the mouse, it was time to look past that if he was ever going to succeed. Doom had always been his favorite game, and Doomguy wanted to be able to compete with the best. So he began using the mouse and he started to play Dwango5 on the FFA server. The legendary GSN#3. However, he was by far not that great at it, and DOOMGUY666 noticed another pretty active wad at that time: UDM2. UDM2, he can honestly say, is the wad that made him better. Not only was it well-built with excellent weapon placements and layouts, but it also caught his interest with the music on the levels, which were from games he had also grown up playing. Doomguy found himself actually winning rounds for once on UDM2 and he officially declared it his favorite wad after a while. This still stands today and always will.

Still though, he wasn't that great and was still pretty newbish. Like a lot of newbs Doomguy held an anti-BFG belief. This was how he met his original mentor: Jkist3. He was playing Brit11 Map01 and was kicking major ass because of his skill with the BFG. DOOMGUY666 started talking shit to him and foolishly challenged him to a 1on1 in D5M1. He kicked his ass like no one else ever had, and he finally admitted that Jkist3 was better. It was then that he began to teach Doomguy666 things like wall run, sr50, etc. He showed him tactics that are still useful today. If it wasn't for Jkist3 he would have gotten nowhere. Soon Doomguy began to focus on the FFA world on Dwango5 and found himself getting better. Although his 1on1 was lacking, his FFA capabilities became greater and greater each day. FFA became his favorite way to play, and that is how it is today. DOOMGUY666 loves FFA's.

UniDoom Career

The great clan of UniDoom. DOOMGUY666 found out about them after playing with their members in UDM2 during his early days of zdaemon. He instantly liked their methods and the way they spammed messages glorifying their own clan when they won. He enjoyed seeing such loyalty to a clan. Doomguy started to learn more about them and saw that they were an incredibly feared clan that was notorious for destroying other clans. They were capable of backing up their words. UniDoom was clearly the only clan for DOOMGUY666! He wanted to join them, but was far too newbish still. So he continued to play zDaemon pretty much everyday for many months, but still only focused on FFA. Although his 1on1's were beginning to become decent. So he became confident enough to enter a tournament. Doomguy considered himself above "Intermediate" so he signed up for the USA Open Tourney July, which was Moo2d.wad. Ralphis beat the fuck out of him there and he found out firsthand what UD was capable of. However, Ralphis gave him inspiration that if he got better he might be able to get into UD someday. From then on it was all serious! Doomguy spent lots of time playing 1on1, but also played lots of FFA at the same time. His primary focus was still FFA, and when he reached the top 25 he was surprised. DOOMGUY666 had definitely come a long way and was on his way to becoming one of the best FFA players on zdaemon.

DOOMGUY666 played Doom quite a bit. His rank on the list grew, and he was also in the top 10 for frags. During this time his mentor Jkist3 disappeared for many months. He played zdaemon relentlessly, and soon realized that although he didn't have the most frags yet, he had the most SSG kills by a longshot. Over 80,000! By the time Doomguy became first in frags, he had 99,000+ SSG kills. At the time no one had achieved such numbers, and even now there are very few. Doomguy had the most SSG kills for several months(yes, he is quite proud of this!). As he became more and more godly at FFA, he began to focus on 1on1's more seriously. There were days when he wouldn't even enter an FFA server. FFA wasn't giving him the respect he needed. More respect was in 1on1. One day, in February of 2005, almost a year of playing zdaemon, Ralphis came into a game he was playing and watched him take out (DUI) Dred and (DUI) Int28 in seperate 1on1 matches in D5M1. This was because DOOMGUY666 had been playing a LOT of 1on1's the past weeks to finally bring his skill up to par. Later that week Ralphis personally played him on D5M1 and Doomguy barely managed to pull off a victory which if remembered correctly was 50-47 or something like that. Doomguy believes the main reasons for getting into UD was his long-time support of the clan and wanting to join and the fact that he defeated Ralphis in a 1on1. Truly the greatest day of DOOMGUY666's entire career was having the honor of wearing the great [UD] tag. Currently DOOMGUY666 is the highest ranked member of [UD] on zdaemon when it comes to experience points. He is in the top 5 as the 4th rank, something that he is extremely proud of.

Tournaments & Competition

USA FFA Tournament #1 - Won with 207 frags compared with the second place at 188 frags. DOOMGUY666'S methods were much more efficient than the tactics used by the Europeans in the European FFA Tournament as well as the other players in the USA FFA Tournament. In the European FFA Tournament the top European player won with 200 frags with 2nd place at 199 frags. DOOMGUY666 won with 207 frags compared with the 2nd place at 188 frags. Quite a wide margin! UD ON TOP!!

IDL Season 2 - IDL MasterBowl runner-up with team Caveman Syndicate. Conference Champions. Team consisted of RottKing, Doomguy, Yazu, and Nes.

ZDaemon USA Open Tourney June 2010 - Lazarus Map04. Defeated Hatred in the final match 50-49. Played under the name Deathtrap.

IDL Season 11 - World Doom Conference Divisional Champion with team Mass Destruction. Team consisted of Doomguy, Xenaero, Xyltol, and Dewww.

Clan Wars

Doomguy was fortunate enough to get into UD during the time when Unidoom was still extremely active in the clan war scene. He participated in Unidoom's last official wars, which occured in early 2005.

UD vs TC March 19th - This match was 3vs3 CTF with final score 11-5 for Unidoom. Other participants were AceOfSpades and HumanBones.

UD vs HC March 25th - This match was 4vs4 CTF with final score 12-2 for Unidoom. Of reason to note, this match resulted with Unidoom's destruction of the HC clan as a whole. Other participants were Ralphis, AceOfSpades, and HumanBones. On a side note Doomguy has participated in several "unofficial" matches where UD also won each


SSG_Arena - Doomguy's first successful release. Was hosted on one of's official servers for a while and was a big hit. The original wad file has since disappeared into the archives, but the map makes its appearance again in 666DM.

666DM - Doomguy's most successful release to date. Featured 11 FFA maps, with 10 of them being created from scratch and one being a modified Doom2 map. Wad can be located here: 666DM.wad

666DMPlus - Was predicted by many to be even more successful then 666DM. It features 10 of the original 666DM maps (the modified Doom 2 map was replaced with an original map) plus an added 9 more maps, hence the "Plus." With 19 maps of pure FFA joy, its hopes were soon bashed when zdreview never hosted it. However, many who have downloaded the wad have praised it. Wad can be located here:

The Lowerhalls - A single map that is based off of Doom2 Map02. Proclaimed to be the nicest conversion of Map02 on zdreview. The map is primarily made for 1-on-1 but can also be played with 8-player FFA. Wad can be located here:

666DM2 - In production for the last 4 months, it is a true sequel to the original. Currently 10 maps are finished with just a few needing to be polished. It is designed to have that "classic" feel while at the same time maintaining a much-more balanced map-list when it comes to weapon placements and layouts. It still rewards players with stronger weapons but still maintains a really good balance. It is currently in the works but several public beta tests have been a success. WAD last updated on 4/28/2012 and so far 11 maps are finished.

UDMX - Contributed map11. Map retextured by Nautilus.

nitrodm1 - Contributed map04 for the fist Odamex Nitro DM.

Doomguy666 in 2011

Still referring to himself in third-person, Doomguy666 realizes that the UDWiki has returned. Many things have happened since several years ago. The wiki must be updated. If one thing can be noted is that there may have been an "imposter Doomguy666" but there is only one true person known by that name.

The International Doom League

Doomguy666 has been involved with the IDL since the beginning. However, as time has gone by and things may not be quite as clear as they once were, there is one such major situation that must be brought up (will return to older IDL seasons in the future... perhaps). After coming off the season of IDL 6 and having Captained the team of Shadow_Ghost, RussianDumbass, and Mionic_Donut under the IDL team of DMR... Doomguy666 has his strategy of forming his so-called "winning season." What happens is a complete insane turn of events. Doomguy had been eying the IDL competition prior to IDL 7 and had vowed for a title. Come draft time and Doomguy surprises everyone by picking Jenova (future 2-time Masterbowl winner) as his first draft pick and follows it up with his own flesh and blood known at the time as Dragan. What follows is a pick of pure luck as Killingblair joins the ranks. The thing that separated this team from the others was that this team was EXTREMELY anxious for victory and proving a point of the future competitors of IDL. This was Jenova's debut IDL season and Dragan was coming off a multi-season suspension. Killingblair too had been suspended since Winter 2009 and was without a doubt anxious to destroy the competition. ALL had been practicing extensively in priv and were without a doubt among the top batch of players.

The first week of IDL Winter 2010 came off as very interesting as Xenaero of EBL met Doomguy's newly formed Doomraiders. The map was Oda02 and the match ended in a way that neither player would have appreciated (connection problems). Week 2 was a collaboration of Ralphis and Nostar on the team of SUC. This match wasn't taken seriously from anyone ( It turned out to be a competitive match in which SUC came out on top in the end.

What followed was Doomguy's last recorded IDL match until IDL Summer 2011. Thirty 409(Map14) vs BSK turned out to be an extremely entertaining match which had ended in a tie on the third round. Following that match was something that couldn't be predicted and it was the Altus, Oklahoma ice storm of 2010. Power was lost and Doomguy hadn't fully known the entire circumstances of the situation and contacted Ralphis via cell-phone to delay the upcoming match. The match was indeed delayed for a week, but power in the town didn't return until after 2 weeks and the internet connection took over a month to return. By that time DMR had replaced Doomguy and his brother as players and had gone on an almost complete losing streak. Completely discouraged by the fact that this act of God had denied him of competing in the IDL and ruining his "ideal season", Doomguy666 would go on to disappear from competitive Doom and the community in general for an extremely long time until DD_133 (Xenaero) convinced him to return.

Doomguy666 in 2015

After a three year hiatus he's back under the name "Deathtrap."

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