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Caco says: deathz0r is still the greatest!

Dean 'deathz0r' Joseph was the co-founder of the second generation clan faction of Unidoom, and is now currently the undisputed leader of Republic Of deathz0r.

Although by day time he is a mere college student, at night time he's the guy that fights the evil crimes of ZDaemon treachery and defended the fair land of Player Connector for some reason or another.

Not only that, but he possesses an incredible amount of awesome.


Personal Info

deathz0r was born in the first year of the deathz0r dynasty, being as a matter of fact, the unanimous Emperor of the deathz0r dynasty. He lives near Melbourne, Australia, hopeing that one day he will move to Canada so he can freeze his ass off while racing down hills in a cardboard box. As far as a career is concerned, deathz0r has high interest in the field of being ultimately awesome. If he was forced to choose a political alignment, it would be Marxist Communism.

Doom Life

Having discovered the registered version of Doom v1.1 in February 1994 while at his grandparent's house, deathz0r was instantly intertwined with the magical forces of Doom. Being able to slay imps in E3M5 turned to be a favourite pastime for the Australian pre-pubic child, and getting lost in the infamous E2M2 crate maze was guaranteed to be an hour of fun. When he got his own PC in October 1994, he continously annoyed his father to obtain Doom 2 from a friend. After finally receiving it in November, he became platonically in love with the Super Shotgun, and he vividly described the Super Shotgun as "a rocket launcher that doesn't hurt yourself".

The story does not end there, however. deathz0r's love of modifying anything came to life when he received a floppy disk that had contained DEU in December of the same year. He instantly created a one-sector map that had vertexes moved all over the place. Although it only had soulspheres, megaarmours, a lot of boxes of rockets and a single Cyberdemon, it was somewhat accurately Hell-themed. Although it no longer exists, it is permanently implanted into deathz0r's mind.

Although he constantly enjoyed Doom, his connection with it varied over a long period of time, until he had discovered Doom Legacy in 1998. Being able to jump and use mouselook was an amazing idea for the near-pubic child, and he enjoyed being able to jump the MAP03 exit. Although he made around 20 WADs at this point, none of them were multi-level WADs, until he discovered Zombie Doom at Doomworld in early-1999. The mention of the word 'Dehacked' and what it was capable of sent deathz0r into a frantic rage of creativity. As soon as he obtained Dehacked, he had created a "Nazi Ghost", a semi-transparent Nazi that exploded when it died. This accomplishment truly began deathz0r's vast interest in mapping and editing the menagary and arsenal of Doom. The "Nazi Ghost" was featured in deathz0r's first attempt at a megawad, Extreme Doom 2, which was unfortunately cancelled in mid-2000, due to it crashing other people's computers. Although deathz0r spent well over a year on it, he had only created four original maps, and edited roughly 30 Doom and Doom 2 maps.

His interest in multiplayer Doom began when he had played a LAN deathmatch game against his brother in 1996. Although it only happened once, deathz0r enjoyed the fast paced action, although his brother preferred deathmatch Duke Nukem 3D. After discovering Dehacked, deathz0r forgot about the fundamentals of multiplayer until he had found Skulltag v0.8 in December 2000. Although he had mistaked Massmouth for being a new monster, he quickly learned that Skulltag had bots in it, which convinced deathz0r that people would be surely playing deathmatch somewhere, although he had no clue on where at the time. After accidentally stumbling into #doom at the very end of 2000 with the nickname 'deathwarrior', he had chatted up with people like anarkavre (formerly DoomFlynn), destx (formerly DestR0Yer), Russell (formerly RTC_Marine) and Ralphis (formerly DukeNukem), bonding a close relationship with anarkavre and Ralphis in particular. He had accidentally discovered #skulltag a few days later, and he befriended Carnevil, who had promptly gave deathz0r a Skulltag beta with functional multiplayer support. There, he had played against the likes of Toke, Carnevil, and Ralphis. They had all played early versions of Vexation maps, D2DM2 and D2CTF2, and they had all enjoyed the Skulltag beta, even though deathz0r had strong reasons to believe that Ralphis was a really crappy player, since Ralphis had lost against him every single time. Because of those Skulltag sessions, Ralphis had told deathz0r to come chat into #unidoom, and deathz0r promptly followed.

The relationship between Ralphis and deathz0r had bloomed over the coming months, although it was tampered by Infirmity's ownership of #unidoom and Ralph's desire to obtain #unidoom back. Due to deathz0r only living in the fourteenth year of the deathz0r dynasty, he did not properly understand the true reasons for Ralphis wanting #unidoom, so he had stupidly sided with Infirmity in the argument. deathz0r had followed Shaviro (formerly Maonth) into #doomino after the incident, but had remained in #unidoom to taunt Ralphis and to steal the rest of #unidoom. This had caused major upset between the relationship of deathz0r and Ralphis until mid-July 2001, when Ralphis had persuaded deathz0r to play a few matches on ZDaemon. Since Ralphis was clanless at the time, he had convinced deathz0r to revive the [UD] clan with him. And on that day, Unidoom the fearless clan was reborn...

Everything else afterwards is history.


As typical with most of the Unidoom crew, deathz0r was involved with the ZDaemon community, elevating to the position of #zdaemon OP rather quickly in 2001, and eventually forum moderator status in 2004. At his peak, he was considered one of the most popular staff member of ZDaemon, due to his ability of carefully moderating the forums without pissing the large majority of the playerbase, and his close contacts with the oldschool faction of ZDaemon. However, a white trash bitch by the name of Whatever quickly made deathz0r's ZDaemon life a living hell. His popularity with fellow staff declined over the next twelve months due to his refusal to accept Whatever as being part of the community. His operator status was revoked in May 2005, when he failed to inform Raider about a clone attack he was aware of, but was too busy to attend. A month later, his forum moderator status was also revoked for unlocking a thread about CTF tourney map discussion. Growing volatile towards the other staff, deathz0r continously attacked ZDaemon until mid-December, when Raider had promised to give back his former status if he had behaved. deathz0r accepted, believing that he would get what he was promised. Less than a week later, he was permanently banned from ZDaemon by Kilgore for being discovered AFK in a known anti-ZDaemon channel. Although Raider was well aware of that before the ban, he did nothing to prevent it. To this day, deathz0r scorns at the ZDaemon community (particularly the staff) for being incompetant, and hopes that something will bring down the empire that is ZDaemon for deceiving him.

Acquistion of Unidoom

On June 22nd, 2006 (now known as the deathz0r Day), deathz0r had removed Ralphis from the clutches of his Unidoom empire for abandoning the citizens, assumed control and renamed his newly acquired empire to Republic Of deathz0r. The living conditions of citizens to his empire has improved dramatically since that day. Unfortunately, on June 25th, 2006, Ralphis had forced his way back into Republic Of deathz0r and decided that only he is capable of running the empire. He therefore changed the name back to Unidoom and the empire went into civil distress.

Relations to other UD members


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