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Hekksy (born March 31, 1991) is this annoying damn kid that pops into IRC channels and Discord Servers demanding everyone plays Odamex that VERY instant.

Nautilus describes him as a lovable, kind-hearted, friendly person.


Real Life Stuff

Hekksy was born and raised in the Victoria, Texas area and has lived in the same house since being brought home from the hospital as a little baby boi. He finally moved out after finishing University and moved to a bigger city soley to have high-speed internet because he's a nerd. He played a few sports in his early school years and was placed in advanced classes despite being a little, loud hellraiser. In Jr. High, he joined band and stayed in it until high school graduation. He works as a Service manager at a Texas-only Grocery Store chain.

Doom Stuffs

Hekksy's dad bought a 100MHz Pentium Packard Bell PC the same day Windows 95 came out for roughly $3100. It was a piece of shit. However one day after playing Spiderman Movie Maker, Hekksy's dad plopped in a CD that had several shareware games. Hekksy, his brother, and his father were introduced to Wolfenstein 3D shareware. They played that for about a month before getting Doom 2 1.666 from Hekksy's dad's boss at work. They played it in I'm Too Young To Die from beginning to end without cheating and with no sound due to their dumb asses not knowing how to configure Sound Blaster at the time. Soon after beating the game, Hekksy's brother obtained The Ultimate Doom from the local KB Toys, and Hekksy got Final Doom for Christmas shortly after its release. He was 6 years old.

Hekksy also obtained Doom64 in 1997 and played Doom occasionally over the years, however, he had mostly forgotten about Doom until 2003 when he and his brother both obtained copies of GBA Doom 2. They played co-op on GBA for several hours, until they got fed up with the finicky controls and investigated playing with connected computers. They found out about the NULL CABLE connection and linked their two Windows 98 machines together and played Final Doom on PC together. With the research they found, they also discovered a concept called the "pwad," and ZDoom. The first pwad Hekksy ever played was TeamTNT's Eternal Doom III.

In 2005, Hekksy started searching how to play Doom online. He found Doomworld's source port page, and on it three choices: ZDaemon, Skulltag, and CSDoom. He knew based on research that ZDaemon was the most popular, but when reading about ZDaemon having accounts Hekksy assumed credit card information would be required with it. He downloaded Skulltag and played it offline with bots. He never joined a game until 2006 as "Flump." While learning how to play Skulltag over a 56k connection, Hekksy met ShinobiXtreme, leader of SNS6. Despite being a nublet Shin liked Hekksy and let him join his fresh new clan. Within a month, "Flump," had changed his name to "Vulture" and was promoted co-leader. He also befriended a player named Dread, who Hekksy had truly considered his first real friend in the Doom community. Hekksy stayed in SNS6 for several months aliasing around as KageXtreme as well as Vulture, and eventually joined the famous IRC channel #skulltag.

With 56k, Hekksy was limited to how he could actually play Doom. He never took competition seriously because he could never get the aiming down very well. On December 22, 2006, Skulltag 97b was released. This marked the first time Hekksy had experienced Unidoom, a legendary clan full of the best doomers in the world. An peculiar player named [UD]DD_133 had joined a dwango5 duel server Hekksy happened to be idling in. After a few rounds, Hekksy queued next in line to duel this member of UD also on 56k, and lost a whopping 10 - 6.

Through the next few years Hekksy managed to join a few clans.

Thanks to obtaining Cable internet in 2007, his skill grew and was starting to be noticed. He aliased around as "HeX" to grow a new identity as a great player, instead of the kid that sucked due to his 56k connection.

Hekksy was invited to join Lost Faction by Tenchu some time in 2007, a clan he wanted to be in because his fellow friends, Kabal and Mastan, were in it. Meanwhile, in #skulltag, drama was ensuing. Carnevil had left Skulltag and Metalhead, who Hekksy had started to befriend, needed IRC moderators. This was when Hekksy had officially become a member of Skulltag staff. While being in the staff, Hekksy was successfully promoted to tourney admin along with his friend Tenchu, and they were both promoted to global moderators a few weeks later despite not doing shit with tournaments. Hekksy (known as HeX_Vulture at the time to have a name unique to a google search) was clanless in late 2007 due to LF disbanding, and was invited into clan Relentless Beating by Metalhead. The clan dominated Skulltag in the late 2007/early 2008 era, thanks to Unidoom ignoring the port during this time frame. While in RB, Hekksy spent most of his time administrating the Skulltag forums and testing beta versions of Skulltag with fellow clan member, ClonedPickle. Additionally, in late 2007, Hekksy started hanging out in #unidoom, and was starting to be noticed by Ralphis as being relatively awesome despite being in RB. He was even invited to help test the almost-ready UDMX until its release on December 31, 2008. Hekksy was credited thanks in UDMX's text file, and in 2009 Hekksy was officially invited to UD by Ralphis. In 2010, Hekksy was starting to take serious interest in a newer source port called Odamex. Skulltag was starting to get many new features that changed the gameplay to feel less and less like classic Doom, and Odamex felt like a fresh start back to basics that Hekksy appreciated. Some time in 2010 Hekksy retired from Skulltag staff, and started helping Ralphis and fellow UD members with managing Odamex by testing and submitting bug reports, as well as organizing community events. In 2017 Hekksy changed his username to what it is today because he was tired of having stupid numbers in his name that nobody could ever get right. I mean it was his birth year and graduation year. Come on. Then, in 2018, Hekksy became a server host for Odamex be purchasing the "Vulture Culture" cluster of servers, so people can have a fun variety of servers on Odamex :).

The rest is history blah blah Left 4 Dead 2 blah blah blah Odamex blah blah Overwatch blah blah LOOLOOLOO THE CHAINGUN!!!

Other Aliases


Stuff I've done

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