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Anatole "Nautilus" Golovanov is a crezzy -- or crasyz -- dude living in NYC who is 100% Русский and loved by everyone.
Nautilus is currently retired from UD.


Doom and Stuff

Naut first played Doom back when it first came out (courtesy of his older bro) and played occasional games of Doom over LAN and modem with friends of his said brother. He didn't play Doom as much as he usually played the great Apogee/3D Realms classics Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D, which, to Nautilus, became two of the more memorable and nostalgic games of the mid-90's DOS era. Nautilus never really got into newer, more contemporary games such as Counter-Strike and such, and stuck to classic DOS games.

Around 1999, Nautilus began to lurk on various Doom-related sites: chiefly Doomworld, Newdoom, and Doomshack. Eventually, he first played Doom online via a source port (csDoom) in 2000. He registered a forgotten Doomworld account that he never posted with sometime in the summer of 2002, and began to play ZDaemon and Skulltag occasionally under past, different aliases around that time. He mostly played in FFAs.

Anatole visiting Chicago (courtesy of Manc)

In early 2005, Nautilus decided to finally check out the Doom community with more depth, and decided to register at various forums and get on IRC while using the handle "Nautilus," which was borrowed from Jules Verne’s famous novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (“nautilus” is the name of Captain Nemo's crazy underwater ship contraption thing in the book). Anatole already was well familiar with the community, having, as said, played Doom online and lurked.

At the time, Nautilus mostly played on Skulltag, becoming one of the top-tier players alongside such people as RottKing and Chaindude. During UD's April Fool's prank of playing possum, Naut begged aca to let him join the infamous Buttchaps. At first aca was hesitant to let some ginger jew into the awesomeness that is BC but after Naut passed the clan trayout which consisted of sucking aca's dick while tickling his own butthole for time, naut was let in as a junion member, a rank he holds to this day. Also aca helped naut get into UD, he's got the logs to prove it. Later on, he was briefly in a semi-joke Skulltag clan called Caucasian Invasion, which won a clan war and definitely kicked ass. Nautilus stuck around IRC and some corners of the Doom community, and continues to do so, being cool and loved by many, yet pissing off those he doesn't like, of course. Although Naut can map, he’s a really lazy mapper and becomes bored after making several sectors, which is why he has dozens of unfinished maps on his hard-drive; however, he does have a fair share of decent and finished maps which he might possibly release as a map-pack at some point for the first time. Nautilus is also a breathtaking MOD tracker. All of his songs are works of art at best.

Other Handles Besides "Nautilus" That Are Seldom Used


Nautilus' brother used to play Doom as ElitePrime, and totally sucked at it. Sometime in 2004, he founded a totally crappy clan called "Clan Delta," whose tag was "<C-D>." Later on in 2005, the clan disbanded, and Sergey (ElitePrime) stopped playing Doom because of an emotional fit. That's a totally hip thing to do these days; any average Skulltagger would outspokenly agree. But, occasionally, Sergey still plays ZDaemon as "JIM."

Really Unfunny Quotes

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