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Jim McDougald was born on a beautiful winter afternoon in December 1975. He got into Doom, played with marginal ability and when he discovered the internet in the 90's he successfully infiltrated the community. Eventually he even tricked the Unidoom clan into allowing him membership (which had no priviledges, btw wtf). Jim has a habit of drifting in and out of the digital world and so was no longer of use to the clan. He also proved that it is infact better to fade away than to burn out.

Gaming Abilities:

Jim could possibly be a player of some merit but chooses to stick with the Legacy port. It's hard to get good when there's nobody to play against. Fortunately this works in his favor when his lukewarm skillz are brought to light as he has something extrenal to blame.


Has made some cool stuff which is of zero interest to anyone else in the world, he's a trailblazer on the road to nowhere. Adios amigo, adios.

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