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Shaikoten is a conundrum of genius and incompetency. Originally a stellar Doom player, with laziness he let his skill slip away, but has still retained an amount of Awesome unmatched by most mere mortals.


Old Days

When he was a kid, Shaikoten played Doom when it was new. Then he played Doom 95. He did this on old computers, blah blah, same story as every other Doomer. His online FPS basis, however, came from Starsiege: Tribes, from 1998 or so onwards. He played in the Online Gaming League with IRL friends and generally kicked ass, cementing FPS skills for later dates.

Internets Doom

Due to September 11, 2001, Shaikoten was inspired to train as a terrorist, and what better way to do it than killing his friends in the ultra-realistic muder simulator DOOM? So he searched for ways to play Doom online and found, sadly, Doom Legacy. He played this and showed a natural aptitude, mainly playing Dwango, Brit, crap like that, and playing all three players who played Legacy. Later on he found ZDaemon, which was buggy as shit, had hundreds of players, and the general IQ of a Counter-Strike server. Alternating between playing the two, and sadly preferring Legacy, he eventually found Skulltag, which he liked for its modern gameplay. At this time, Skulltag was not yet a haven for furries and autistic children. It actually contained some of the more socially adjusted members of the Doom community.


Shaikoten started a clan in Skulltag that originally contained some of his RL friends he played Doom with, but quickly grew. He drew in members like Apothem, Benj, Rottking, and the ever so infamous FROSTY LOL ROFL, and immediately gained a reputation as one of the most skilled Doom clans, and THE most skilled Skulltag clan. 7th was a small, tight knit community that was very exclusive with membership, in its total history not even having had 10 members. Eventually, Carnevil, the Skulltag project leader, joined 7th. Subsequently, most of the members of 7th became part of the Skulltag staff and helped heavily with advice, testing, contributing art and sound effects, and similar things.


7th was legendary in its clanwar prowess, having never lost a match in its history. A war with UD was long anticipated and often delayed, and even had its own promo video made for it. Ultimately it ended in friendship between the two clans.


Only one 7th tagged wad has been publicly released, and officially this wad was disowned. Apothem's "The 7th Dimension," a weapon balance wad that was kind of annoying. Shaikoten active in the latter part of this period, however, leading up the Cav7DM project, 7th's DM wad for Skulltag, which rather than normal DM maps featured Skulltag craziness, jumppads galore, and were more for goofing off than serious hardcore DM. This wad has stayed in a perpetual state of half-finishedness, and the beta is floating around certain places if one looks hard enough. Shaikoten insists that he will finish Cavdm7 to this day.

The Split

Now on the staff, Shaikoten was, for a long time, Carnevil's "right hand man." But the more Carn confided in Shai, the more the two began to disagree. Carnevil had a very heavy handed approach to the new morons who were flooding into Skulltag since the release of .96b. Shaikoten wanted them educated by the old members of the community, and Carn wanted to ban anyone who remotely irritated him. Doing this, Carn destroyed Skulltag's oldbie community by banning many prominent players. Shaikoten protested, and Carn said something to the effect of, "if you aren't with me, you're with the terrorists."

The Straw

The straw that broke the camel's back was Shaikoten cracking a joke on IRC about Carn's Mom, the joke centered around her AIM screen name, but never mentioning the exact name in question. Carn summarily stripped Shai of forums super-admin, ops, and anything linking him to the ST team, denying that he had ever even contributed anything to the ST community.


Many of the old ST community members that Shai supported were in Unidoom, or hung around #unidoom, so he decided to frequent the channel as it was basically like a reproduction of the old Skulltag. Ralphis noticed him, and told him he could join UD as long as he quit 7th. Shaikoten refused time after time.

UD For Serious

Eventually Ralphis cracked and just let Shai into UD with him still in 7th. It technically broke the cardinal rule of UD, but Shai was so awesome that this had to happen. It also set a long precedent of Shaikoten semi-sarcastically multiclanning. Not that anyone cared: his days as a competitive Doom player were all but over and done with. Most of 7th at this point was already in UD so it really wasn't a change, more of a consolidation of Awesome.

Multiclanning Ahoy

After Shai joined UD, people started asking him to join other clans. Since he had gotten away with the 7th thing, he started accepting proposals and not giving a shit, or conversely, telling leaders of other clans that he was now in their clan, and generally being an asshole. He makes it a point to almost never wear the [UD] tag when playing Doom, sometimes wearing ridiculously long combination tags like [7UDBCHAXZRK]. His first allegiance seems to be to UD, however.

Buttchaps and Buttchan

One very important clan Shaikoten is in is technically an offshoot of UD, created in the great Maypril Fools joke of the disbanding of UD. Buttchaps, essentially a trolling clan, creates epic websites, spamms shitty macros on servers, crashes them, and are generally dicks. BC spawned an image board in the style of the *chans, with the name Buttchan. Buttchan led to a very important creation:


Spawned on the Buttchan image board, Tales From Texas is a Shaikoten drawn and written comic about "Carnbarn," his mom "Lambchop," and generally people of various states of Retardation in the Doom community. It has received wide critical acclaim, and uses a distinct 800x600 pixel MS paint style, saved with the shitty MS Paint jpeg compressor.


Recently Shai told Essel he was in Jetsons, which makes epic ZDoom maps with jump pads, akin to Cavdm7. Shai approves of this wholeheartedly, and now leads the clan.


In addition to the infamous Cavdm7 project, Shaikoten has released single DM maps, created 3/4 of a DM megawad (deadscene) in a day and then got too lazy to finish it, has contributed to a few projects such as STLMS, and "led" the 32in24 team, which created a DM megawad of 32 maps in 24 hours. His mapping style is lazy.


Scientests have often tried to measure how awesome Shaikoten is in relation to normal people, but have failed on every single account. The awesome measuring technology has not caught up to a point which can yet quantify him.

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