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This page is preserved for historical purposes. A more general page can be found here: UDM Series
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Map05 of UDM1

The UDM wads are UniDooM's staple series and is partially responsible for their success in the Doom community.
At the time of this writing, three UDM wads are currently released with a possible fourth in planning stages.




Way back in October 2001, Ralphis had a plan. A plan to actually release something. He contacted deathz0r on AIM with a message along the lines of "You want to help me out on this? I'm making a DM wad." deathz0r agreed, and whipped out two levels in a period of 2 hours (map02 and map03). Over time, Liam pitched in a map and UDM1 was underway. The rest is history.

On January 1st, approx 12:17am EST time, udm1.zip was uploaded to the /idgames archive. It contained 18 levels, and two 'parody' levels (map31 and map32). It was a hit within the ZDaemon community and sparked a new wave of editing among deathmatchers everywhere (TLSDM for example).

Special Thanks to the Skulltag Team and Nick Baker for textures!


Shortly after UDM1's release, plans for UDM2 had already gone underway. Originally, UDM2 was meant to feature 20 levels, but due to time constraints, only 12 were completed. UDM2 features eight maps by Ralphis, one map by deathz0r, and three maps contributed by TLSDM's head mapper, Chrono. UDM2 was released on March 2nd, 2003 and has been hailed by many as one of the best wads released in years.

MAP01: DooM II Arena (by Ralphis)

One of the most identifiable maps in the UDM series, mostly because of the large UDM2 logo that is centered in the court yard. Detailed in a classic doom2/dwango browngrn texture style.

MAP02: The Edge (by Ralphis)

A UDM favorite. This map is loosely based on the Quake 2 base deathmatch map, The Edge. This map was designed for FFA and may be quite slow for 1 on 1 gameplay.

MAP03: Toxicity (by deathz0r)

Needs description.

MAP04: Fortress of the Damned (by Chrono)

Needs description.

MAP05: Shafted (by Ralphis)

While this map is nowadays a favorite of many players, this map was almost scraped by Ralphis. It provides a great 1 on 1 game or a fast-paced FFA.

MAP06: Outpost Delta (by Ralphis)

Needs description.

MAP07: Spam! (by Chrono)

Needs description.

MAP08: Triple Decker II (by Ralphis)

This map is the sequel to UDM1's Triple Decker (map09). Not only did this map receive a huge facelift visually, but some design changes such as safer spawns and one pillar in the center of the map as opposed to four make this the superior version of the two.

MAP09: Techno Tower (by Ralphis)

Needs description.

MAP10: Symmetrical (by Chrono)

Needs description.

MAP11: UD Arena (by Ralphis)

This map was created as a homage to Dwango5 Map18 with a UD spin. The map is so massive because it was built to support the new 16 player support in ZDaemon at the time, something that was unheard of and unsupported by most maps.

MAP12: Super Mario Bros. (by Ralphis)

The first Super Mario Bros. style map in the deathmatch world. This sparked much inspiration from other mappers (such as the TLS team) to create their own Mario style maps in their wads.

MAP31: Untitled (by deathz0r)

The only co-op map in the map pack. 4 players spawn on a pillar connected to another. The exit is on the other pillar. Of course, a cyberdemon stands between your team and the exit.

MAP32: Untitled (by deathz0r)

The first credits map of the UDM series. Since this incarnation, a credit map has traditionally been in every UDM.


UDM3 is the third installment in the long running Unidoom DM series. With it's unique palette and much wider range of talent, it's certainly the most diverse of the series. Clocking in at an impressive 16 maps (with a hidden credits map and two hidden 'joke' maps), this map set should keep people occupied for a long, long time.

MAP01: MAP10 (by Ralphis)

The name of this map is a joke that Ralphis and AlexMax agreed upon.

MAP02: Flying Buttresses (by Ralphis)

A tall building in the middle of an impressive looking group of skyscrapers. Has three main sections, with a plasma rifle in the middle of a tall tower in the middle section

MAP03: Phobos Deep in Unidoom (by deathz0r)

The very first map completed for UDM3, and also arguably the best 1on1 map in the map pack.

MAP04: The Cool Map (by AceOfSpades)

Originally created by AceOfSpades and detailed by Ralphis, this is the most visually impressive map in the map pack and makes the best use of both the textures and the color palette available.

MAP05: Große Hoseschlange (by Ralphis)

A unfinished map that Ralphis handed off to AlexMax after he saw and liked it.

MAP06: Kokkenballz (by Harvey)

This was actually an unfinished map for UDM2 that Harvey started and never completed. Desporatly looking for insperation, AlexMax started looking through the UDM2 beta compelation, and found this unused gem. He took such a liking to it that he completedly textured it within the span of a day to what you see here.

MAP07: Fetus Gumbo (by Doomraider)

As hard as it may be to believe, Doomraider actually did have a hand in this map. He came up with this very unique looking layout that was so incredably simple and yet very fun at the same time. Ralphis origionally wanted to have a hand at texturing it, but he then handed off texturing to AlexMax, who transformed it from the bare bones to what was in the final version. This map is also where the intermission pic came from.

MAP08: Sky Fortress (by Mephisto)

Mephisto's first stab at creating a map for UDM3. Like all of Mephisto's maps, it looks like something straight out of Skulltag. AlexMax had a small hand in this level as well, detailing the plateau up the stairs and also modifying the outter hallway a tiny bit.

MAP09: Satyricon (by AlexMax)

Proving to everyone that he's not just a detailing monkey, AlexMax created this map and fine tuned it with the help of Toke.

MAP10: MAP01 (by AlexMax)

AlexMax's first contribution, with a little help from Ralphis, demonstrates doing what he does best, grey structures. A popular FFA pick.

MAP11: Unidoom Sucks (by Toke)

A special map by guest mapper Toke, this map is what can only be described as a Toke map, very old school, but with very nice looking detail. Also, this is the only map in the pack which is lacking an exit.

MAP12: One Man's Burden (by Liam)

Needs description.

MAP13: The Claustrophobic Place (by Mephisto)

Needs desciption.

MAP14: Fun to be Had (by Liam)

Needs description.

MAP15: Nowhere to Hide (by Mephisto)

Tiny. Nowhere to hide. A decent map for a very quick 1on1.

MAP16: Citadel of UD (by Clan Unidoom)

Originally started off as a 1-on-1 map that deathz0r had started, he had intended to create an incredibly large and open map which had castles/towers and roads connecting all of them. However, he decided to turn it into a UD-community project, and received contributions from Assmaster (south-east), Ralphis (east, although the original contribution was much larger than the two crates), Doomraider (east), AlexMax (north-east), Mephisto (north), Russell (south), EarthQuake (south-west) and Liam (north-west). deathz0r's building occupies the center of the map.

Due to lack of time, the bare layout of the map was not finished, and can be noticed by the area surrounding Mephisto's building and the entrance of Assmaster's building.

MAP30: Hall of Champions (by deathz0r)

A normal UDM credits map, with everyone's ugly mug converted with varying degrees of success into the 256 color pallete available to us. Beware of the British convict at all times!

MAP31: YOU CAN'T SHOOT! (by AlexMax)

The only co-op map in the map pack. A map concept that came to AlexMax while playing around with elevators. This is his only single player/co-op map, and will likely be his last.

MAP32: YOU CAN'T DODGE! (by AlexMax)

A map that AlexMax had in his scrapbook directory that was leftover from another ill-fated project that he had worked on. Playing this map causes him no end of sadistic joy.



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