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Wartorn is some inexperienced young gun who joined UniDoom by hanging out all the time in #unidoom during the third generation of Counter-Strike 1.6 hype (Featuring UDServ then hosted by AlexMax at the time). He manages a server cluster he calls Avalon (Called publicly as Powerhouse, and, previously, Canadian Bacon), and hosts an assortment of servers for UniDoom on command.


Wartorn's first name is Josef, and was born in Plzeƈ. He hailed all the way to America to grace them with his foreign ship known as the USS Amazing at an early age and then sailed all the way to the edge of space.

He first got into Doom in 1998 when his dad showed him the shareware version, which he played with for a while with his old broken down Hewlett Packard DOS PC with his older sister. He got into it again by around 2002, when he found a copy of the Doom Collector's Edition and instinctively remembered that this was the old game he played that many years ago, so he got it for nostalgia (And because he didn't know what most of the words meant back then (He accidentally decided to send an excerpt of the ending to the shareware episode in an e-mail to 2nd grade teacher (oopsies))).

Wartorn mostly messed around with the Doom95 client, playing with all of the cheatcodes he could usurp out of the lovely world known as the internet. It wasn't until 2006 when he dusted off his old D:CE disks and gave it another whirl, discovering a port named Doomsday. Being the young one he was, he was fascinated by the pretty resolution packs and also mostly played the old Wolf TC fan mods that were built for MBF that long ago.

It wasn't until he joined Skulltag in early '07 and, subsequently the community in the middle of the year that he rose in ranks and IQ points. Wartorn started a ton of shitty projects that are best left dead and buried. He also discovered IRC for the first time and about 2 months later, there were rallies for joining #unidoom through an IRC roulette. Ultimately, during the bot-controlled roulette that determined who was destined to join the best clan ever, Wartorn was eliminated and Climhazzard had survived the roulette, joining their ranks.

He moved on and applied to join the ranks of the Skulltag staff when they were still doing those in the midst of 2008. After all was said and done, half a year later he was inducted into the staff after the applications were all closed up. He was apparently accepted, but they forgot his application until he casually brought it up on IRC. Later on, the simple moderator groups that handled all of the specific forums closed down and all of the ranks were merged into the GM status. It was also around this time that Wartorn was taking competition seriously, and had joined through the ranks of some smaller unknown clans (TLC lead by Chaosboy, DRZ by MiFU, RBP lead by K-Yerp) over the next few months, following his Holy Grail of clans, UniDoom.

He put down the game for a while to take control and manage between his life and some other small factors that cropped up. He reached as high as administrator in April of 2011, and led a 6 month reign before dropping it when life came around to him in square in the testicles. He remains active to take care of Powerhouse though.

Now enough of this boring history stuff here's some other info


Hobbies and work stuff

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