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Xenaero, and formerly as DD_133, is a former-56k wielding American doomer hailing from the swamplands of Florida. Hates most people.



Started playing Doom at the ripe age of 3 on his dad's ancient desktop. That was fun. Around the year 2000, he purchased all the other doom games (Doom2 onward) in one go from id software over the internet. After downloading them, and finding out that it wouldn't work so well on windows, he began searching around for a solution. Finding Doomworld's source port page as a result, he downloaded Doom Legacy.

After running through the iwads, he found the bot feature in Legacy's multiplayer options. And so Xen found deathmatch. Returning to Doomworld, the /idgames archive's deathmatch directory proved to be a great friend for providing quality botmatch maps. Spending whole months on different wads, including dwango5, exec, brit11 and others, Xen came to the point of wondering if he could play with other people. And so after finding Doom Connector, it began.

Discoveries Online

Soon, he began mixing up with other people. After attempting to join other Legacy matches, and finding out that it slowed the game down dramatically due to his dialup connection, then getting kickbanned from the games, he began to question and yell at the mods, resulting in getting kicked from Doom Connector several times. Not realising that dialup was the malfunction, Xen deleted Doom Legacy from his computer, and began exploring other options, one of which was CSDoom.

Zdaemon Warrior

Around late 2000, Xen discovered Zdaemon. Choosing the name Psylocked for himself, he began playing several matches on his first day. Still using the arrow keys instead of the mouse and typical WSAD format, times were tough. Trudging on, he adapted by beginning to use the mouse and the WSAD format in his games. Playing for a few months, before quitting again due to frustration of constant losses, it would be some time before Xen picked up playing again.

Climbin' higher on 56k

After practicing much against Zdaemon's and Legacy's bots in early 2002, began playing again. This time dropping Psylocked, he again assumed form as DD_133. Slowly he began wrestling with the constant latency dialup provided. Playing many CTF games and 1on1s provided to be good training, and as his reponse time and accuracy grew better, he set his sights higher.


Early 2003, Xen found Skulltag, a lesser played port. Indeed, he liked the increased smoothness in the game, not to mention the new weapons, maps and powerups. He decided here would be a good place to make a name for himself. However, The next few days proved to be dissapointing, as he usually saw no one playing at all on the servers, compared to at least 20 on Zdaemon. Soon, though, he caught sight of some players, most notably JohnnyRules, <LC>L33tor, and Womble. Playing several games, Johnnyrules gave him several tips on his control configuration, which helped his game immensely. At the same time in ZDaemon, Unidoom's own Toke had trained him in the basics on several 1v1 matches, a fact that Xen credits to his up and coming skills as a player.

Soon afterwards, Xen found himself in a game with Womble and Mephisto. After playing several games, the three formed [MAC], but for what the tag meant, no one knows, as Womble dissapeared a few weeks later, taking the clan down with it. Mephisto and Xen tried again, this time with [WoS], Warriors of Steel. This was destined to die even quicker than [MAC] did, not in any small part due to the clan challenges from (7th), the most powerful Skulltag clan at the time.

Zerg Rush Kekeke

Zerg Rush Kekeke was formed when Xen and Rexator, convinced Mephisto and newcomers Tom_D and Crash_Man to join. Even after months of practice and wars with other clans, 7th still remained undefeatable.

Trouble arose within the ranks. Infighting on leader status and childish bickering drove Mephisto out, and Tom_D soon followed. The rest of the clan, still undeterred, recruited Plz_Die_Kthx and HumanBones into the leagues, only to kick pdk out due to inactivity, and HumanBones left for Unidoom. Things were looking bleak.

Rexator, distracted by Ragnarok Online, left only Crash_Man and Xen left. It was soon after that that ZRK's fate was decided. The clan disbanded.

It was during this time that Xen began spamming the forums, pissing off the mods, and flaming other users, and generally making himself a nuisance all around, resulting in two bans, and numerous excersions from IRC. Bugging the clan leaders of 7th to let him in didn't help things, as soon Xen got very frustrated with not getting his way, and left the community for a few weeks, before returning. Everyone still hated him.


After chilling out for awhile, he began aiming to get better again, constantly playing in DMs, CTF games and 1on1s to adapt against tougher players. More and more dialup users upgraded to broadband, thereby securing an advantage over the one level playing field Xen liked. It was during this time Xen joined Unidoom.

As times passed, more internal problems with Zdaemon occured, resulting in his expulsion from the port, for opposing Kilgore and Raider's reasons for banning most of UD from Zdaemon. Disgusted, Xen turned back to Skulltag. In an attempt to help the port grow, he participated in numerous milestones, including running Friday Night Fragnight, helping promote Skulltag Online, among others. He got into a big fight with Carnevil and left again.

The International Doom League and more Skulltag drama omgf!!

Beginning in 2006, and leading up to the early months of 2012, Xen, who eventually during this time period changed his screenname a billion times over a month's period before sticking with Xenaero, played in the International Doom League. This competitive organization was led by Ralphis. Xen, as of the time of this writing, participated in all eleven seasons of the IDL, yet has failed numerous times in various stages in the playoffs to secure the title itself, making him the longest contender without a Masterbowl title.

In early 2007, he also got some type of weird backwater sub-par DSL, which didn't really make him much better at games at all, much to the disappointment of ladies everywhere. Xen speculates he was actually better on 56k. Although interestingly, he has been able to trade blows with most of the highest level players Doom offers, whereas previously he wasn't anywhere near that level. Xen was consistently a top defensive player in the IDL, and a formidible force in 1v1.

In the eleventh season of IDL, then-commissioner HumanBones brought everyone's favorite basket-case onto the IDL Board, a 'team' of 5 individuals led by the Commissioner to adjust rules, policies, maplists, and the such. It was this season that proved to be the downfall for the board. Nearly every member quit at the end of the season for various reasons.

During this six year stretch, Xenaero was also brought back to Skulltag by Metalhead to help administrate the community following Carnevil's departure to work on his multiplayer/singleplayer/coop/whoknowswhat game of Wrack. Soon after telling Skulltag to get off his server, Carnevil had a change of heart and absorbed Skulltag back into his fatzone and total control once again so he could market Wrack to the userbase. During this time period one of his conditions was to completely demote Xenaero due to past grudges. After this, and in partial part to being banned from that point on Xen once again quit Skulltag. When the community re-launched under the name Zandronum, he purposely avoided getting involved in the community.

World Doom League

Xen came back after a few years to play in the World Doom League, ending with a disastrous season where the team he took over after Zakken's departure mid-season went 0-8. He previously played with Rude's team in Season 2. While his stats were excellent in comparison to his team's, they were not enough to carry to victory. Sometime later, Xen won a WDL title, while being so good, he broke jwarrier's stats spreadsheet. Wow, that's amazing!

Current Status

Xenaero can be found on Steam, where he spends most of his gaming time playing terrible modern games and being a stupid idiot.

He'll jump on and play every so often, usually survival or to watch competitive matches. In recent years he's mellowed considerably. Say hi!

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